Adaptive Sports Carbon Wheels

Our close relationship with top athletes allows us to develop and offer a complete line of wheels for Racing Wheelchairs, Racing Handbikes, and Everyday Wheelchairs.

Carbon Racing Wheelchair wheels

These carbon wheels are subjected to extreme conditions. The inclined position of the wheel creates tremendous pressure on the inner sides and the forces applied by the athletes on the push-rims require the wheels to be strong and stiff. It’s for these performance criteria that CORIMA wheels are considered the best on the market by adaptive sports athletes.

The 4 Spoke, Discand spoked wheels are, thanks to their light weight, stiffness, and low inertia in rotation, perfectly suited to equip racing wheelchairs.

Carbon Handbike wheels

For Handbikes, we launched a complete line of wheels that are light, stiff, and aerodynamic with a low inertia in rotation.

The line includes spoked wheels, disc wheels, and monobloc wheels.

The spoked models are particularly well suited to demanding conditions and to mass start racing, where courses are both technically and physically difficult. The rim’s light weight and stiffness are advantages when accelerating and when the route is hilly. Two diameters available: 20” (500C), 26” (650C).

Disc wheels bring stiffness and aerodynamics to the highest levels of performance. They are designed for flat, fast events and for time trials.

Allure Carbon Everyday Wheelchair wheels

ALLURE CARBON wheels harness CORIMA’s unique savoir-faire carbon wheel technology to enhance your day-to-day mobility. Not only stiff and lightweight, they also feature an integrated handrim which is ergonomically designed for optimal grip and perfect transfer of motion. The handling, comfort-of-use, and overall steering of your chair are unique, thanks in part to the high-quality carbon fiber construction. ALLURE CARBON wheels are designed for strength and durability, ensuring you are ready to take on any activity or trip with complete confidence.