Always on the move.

A unique rolling experience.

These carbon wheels are subjected to extreme conditions. The inclined The ALLURE CARBON wheels harness CORIMA’s unique savoir-faire in carbon wheel technologies to enhance your day-to-day mobility. Not only stiff and lightweight, they also feature an integrated handrim which is ergonomically designed for optimal grip and perfect transfer of motion. The handling, comfort-of-use and overall steering of your chair are unique, thanks in part to the high-quality carbon fiber construction. The ALLURE CARBON wheels are designed for strength and durability, ensuring you are ready to take on any activity or trip with complete confidence.

$1120 per wheel
*Available mid-September 2023

Wheels ship free in the US

ALLURE – Right Wheel

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ALLURE – Left Wheel

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Technical Data

24″ Clincher
4 Spokes
Push rim: Fully integrated ergonomic carbon push rim
External Rim Width: 26mm
Axle: 1/2″ with stainless steel bearings
Axle Length: 53.8mm
Weight: 920g per wheel including push rim
*Axle not provided
*Axle head setup: Axle head length = 20.2mm – Axle head diameter = 29.6mm

Travel light!

Choose the lightest wheel with integrated handrim on the market to maximize your mobility in all your daily activities. At just 920 grams (32.5 oz) per wheel, the ALLURE CARBON not only feature a record-beating weight, they also the promise to protect your shoulders and arms while optimizing every movement. Designed for your busiest days, whether you’re planning a long-distance trip or several shorter outings, this model has been tested alongside our parasport athletes and wheelchair manufacturers to provide the perfect blend of handling and performance to keep up with your active lifestyle.

You forget them. They notice you.

You may just forget the featherlight ALLURE CARBON wheels at your fingertips… But rest assured they will not be missed out and about! Inspired by CORIMA’s extensive racing history, the unique ALLURE CARBON design fuses athletic performance with high-end elegance. The matte carbon finish, 4-spoke design and perfect integration of the handrim reflect CORIMA’s experience in aerodynamic development and carbon fiber technology. This stunning design highlights the performance and premium quality of these wheels, bringing a whole new experience to everyday mobility.