Allure FiT Daily Wheelchair Wheel – LEFT – without integrated handrim

A unique rolling experience.

These carbon wheels are subjected to extreme conditions. The inclined The Allure FiT wheels harness CORIMA’s unique savoir-faire in carbon wheel technologies to enhance your day-to-day mobility. Stiff and lightweight, maintaining all of the Allure wheels’ performance and features but without the integrated handrim. The handling, comfort-of-use and overall steering of your chair are unique, thanks in part to the high-quality carbon fiber construction. The ALLURE CARBON wheels are designed for strength and durability, ensuring you are ready to take on any activity or trip with complete confidence.

Handrim Mount: 6 tab mount standard

$900 per wheel

Wheels ship free in the US

In stock

700c Clincher
4 Spokes
Without integrated handrim
Handrim Mount: 6 tab mount standard
External Rim Width: 26mm
Axle: 1/2″ with stainless steel bearings
Axle Length: 53.8mm
Weight: 770g per wheel including push rim
*Axle not provided
*Axle head setup: Axle head length = 20.2mm – Axle head diameter = 29.6mm