Wheelchair C+ Disc Wheel – 700c Tubular – RIGHT

The best wheelchair wheels

These carbon wheels are subjected to extreme conditions. The inclined position of the wheel creates tremendous pressure on the inner sides and the forces applied by the athletes on the push-rims requires the wheels to be strong and stiff. It’s for these performance criteria that CORIMA wheels are considered as the best on the market by handisport athletes.

Drilling Diameter: 5 hole, 368mm/14.5″

Carbon Core

The quality of the work and the mastery of the steps in the manufacture of composites by hand have shaped the reputation of our brand in the world.


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700c Tubular
Rim Width: 22.6mm
Axle: 1/2″
Drilling Diameter: 14.5″ (5x386mm)
Weight: 1095g
Carbon Weave: 3K

Valve Extender
Protective Wheel Bag

The maximum air pressure allowed for tubular wheels is the one recommended by the manufacturer of the tubular tire you fit on your wheel.

For comfort and performance we recommend fitting 25 mm section tubular tires on our 26 mm wide rims and 23 mm section tubular tires on our 22.6 mm wide rims.

How Corima Wheels Are Made

Global approach

Since we entered the bicycle industry in 1988, CORIMA has always been at the forefront of carbon wheel design technology. With our own patents and unique design philosophy, we are constantly innovating and improving our wheels to stay one step ahead of the competition and give you even more performance.
Our philosophy has always been to design the best performing wheels with a global approach. This includes lightness and reliability, of course, but also essential performance factors such as stiffness, aerodynamics and rotational inertia.

Designed and produced in Loriol-sur-DrĂ´me

When our engineers imagine a new product, they simultaneously think about the industrialization process of this one. Indeed, thanks to our history and our industrial origins, we design all the manufacturing means that will be used in the realization of your wheels (special machines, molds, tools) as well as the test benches necessary for the improvement and the validation. This global control of the design and the means of production assures our customers of the required performances and an exceptional quality-price ratio.

Approved by the greatest athletes

We have been working with the world’s best athletes for many years, allowing us to test and optimise our products. Many Olympic medallists have chosen to use our products. This is a sign of their quality and reliability to meet the expectations of the top level.