WS+ 32mm – Clincher, Rim Brake

A lightweight wheel for the mountains for traditional rim brakes

Like its big sister the MCC WS+, the WS+ remains a safe bet for rim braking fans and those who are always looking to optimize the weight of their equipment.

In 32mm, the WS+ will allow you to tackle serenely the mountainous courses thanks to its overall performance and especially its lightness.

Each CORIMA front wheel in rim-brake is delivered with a pair of CORIMA brake pads compatible with standard Shimano® / Sram® brake pad holders.

Front Wheel $1100, Rear Wheel $1200, Pair $2300
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Shipped with

Brake Pads
Rim Tape
Protective Wheel Bag
Valve Extender
Spoke Wrench
Lightweight QR Skewer


700c CLincher
Depth: 32mm
Rim Width: 26mm
Axle: Quick Release
Weight: 595g front |795g rear
Carbon Weave: 3K
Spokes: 18 Front, 20 Rear
Integrated Magnet

Tire Air Pressure

Do not remove the tire with any metal tool.
The minimum tire section is 23 mm and the maximum 32 mm.
For comfort and performance we recommend fitting 23 mm section tires on our 22.6 mm wide rims and 25 mm section tires on our 26 mm wide rims.
The original CORIMA braided rim tape is mandatory. If it is damaged it must be the replaced.
CORIMA clincher wheels are not compatible with tubeless conversion kits.
Only tires with inner tubes are acceptable (except latex inner tubes).
Co2 cartridge inflation systems are only allowed if their flow rate is adjustable. Instant inflation cartridges are prohibited with CORIMA wheels.
 If the tire manufacturer indicates a pressure lower than that in the table, use this lower value.

WS+ 32mm Clincher, Rim Brake